Postil to the Sacred Memory of the Master Jan Hus, Martyr of God

Hus completed his collection of Bohemian sermons in 1413. He always supplemented the relevant passage from the Gospel with its literal interpretation and an explanation of its figurative, spiritual meaning, which was aimed at its use in everyday practical life. The Postil only first appeared in print in 1563 in Nuremberg, supplemented by woodcuts from the circle of Lucas Cranach Sr. Its second edition the following year was expanded by an interpretation of the Sunday epistles of the Hussite theologian Jakoubek of Stříbro.

Subject: The 19th Century in Us
Title: Postil to the Sacred Memory of the Master Jan Hus, Martyr of God
Date: 1564
Place of publication: Nuremberg (?)
Origin: from library collections
Licence: Free license

Other exhibits from the chapters The nation of Hus and Žižka a The 19th Century in Us 9

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